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Our most Frequently Asked Questions

How can I place an order?
Simple! Fill out an order form HERE or  Just Send us an email or call us with your choice of package, party date, guest count and flavor choices. We also ship to any place in the US! Please try to give us at least 2 weeks before your event, to ensure date availability.

How far in advance do I need to book my party ?

We ask at least 2 weeks before, but we suggest to book asap to reserve your date. We can not guarantee your date unless a party is booked. Don't worry, If your guest count changes, we can adjust pricing accordingly.

 How long are Go Cakes fresh for?
All of our Go Cakes are made fresh to order. Since they are packaged tightly with a top, they can last up to a week!  You can pop them in the fridge and take them out to be served at room temperature.  They can be frozen too! Gluten Free and KETO Go Cakes last room temp 2-3 days. 1-2 weeks in the fridge, and 3 months in the freezer. 

 Can my label have a photo on it?
Of course! All labels can be customized with any pictures/text/ logos that you desire!  You can also request Labels that are glossy photo quality, to ensure the best look.  We send you a proof before they are printed to make sure it is exactly what you asked for !

  Do you have a store to purchase samples?
Not at the present time, but we are hoping to someday! Our Kitchen is located in South Jersey in Egg Harbor Township. If you would like samples they are $3.25/ per pop, ( up to 4) plus shipping.  *Please note,  since Go Cakes are made to order, we can not make just one flavor at a time, so samples may vary depending on what flavors we have for the week*

 Are Go Cakes Peanut/ Tree nut Free?
 We do not use any peanuts in our Go Cakes  batter, but we do use a shared kitchen, and use Peanut Butter adn almond flour in some of our other flavors, so Go Cakes are not considered peanut/ tree nut free. 

         Have a question not answered here? Message us on Facebook HERE or Email us HERE! 

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